Max Value is literally about values. Maximizing or balancing of social, environmental and economic values is important when striving for a sustainable economy. "Sounds good…, but how?" Because being sustainable is often easier said than done!

Max Value provides consultancy and support because sustainability gets more attention but also because sustainability is not always easy. Sustainability is not always part of the core-expertise of an organization. Sustainability concepts are often complicated and comprehensive. At the same time only limited time, money and capacity is available. Co-workers and clients are not always convinced. Sometimes there is a business case but sometimes there’s not. People tend to be insecure about sustainability. “Are we doing enough and are we doing it right? Do we use the right options? How do we integrate sustainability into current policies and procedures?” Complex matters, which can slow things down or diminishes the support for sustainable action. 

Max Value is willing to help! Via inspiration! But also via structuring efforts, by choosing between options, by making guidelines accessible, via implementation and communication of concepts, by persuading colleagues and clients, by tempering ambitions or raising the bar, as a think tank or via a pair of extra hands.

You can click through the consultancy examples on the ‘Cases Page’ to get a better idea on what Max Value can do for you. You can also contact us in order to discuss potential options!


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