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for a Sustainable Economy

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Passion for a sustainable economy!

Our passion for a sustainable economy translates itself into sustainable innovation for business, government and civil society. Innovation is thereby perceived as both necessary and a source of inspiration. Such inspiration is often hidden because sustainable innovation is often packed in abstract and difficult to understand concepts and guidelines. Max Value makes these concepts accessible and applicable. The inspiration and energy behind sustainable concepts can now be used for ideas and plans which add economic, social or environmental value.

Participants about Max Value Training

”The training was relevant and ‘to the point’.
It made the UN Guiding Principles on Business and
Human Rights easier to understand and implement in supply chains”

Annemarie Meisling, Programme Director Novo Nordisk A/S

Participants about Max Value Training

“During the training I felt good and comfortable. There was a good mix between exercises and discussions." 

Elizabeth Boye, Managing Partner, Sociability

Participants about Max Value Training

”The training opened my eys about the fact that my specific skills are linked to something greater” 

Danuta Kedzierska, Social Auditor, TUV Poland

Need advice or short of sustainable hands?

Need advice or short of sustainable hands?

Sustainability is inspiring but can also be complicated. This can lead to uncertainty or confusion. Are we doing enough and are we doing it right? Sometimes an organization is simply short of hands. Because of lack of knowledge or capacity but also because of pregnancies, illness or the sudden departure of a colleague. Max Value helped out with advice or by jumping in on temporary basis.

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Max Value was founded by Edwin Koster.

“I was active in the retail sector before I founded Max Value. As a buyer I travelled around the world. A great time but I also got to see the downsides of a globalizing economy. I therefore decided to change the course of my career and worked for 6 years for civil society organizations like MADE-BY and Solidaridad. Managing value chains in a sustainable manner became my profession and turned into my passion later. In 2010 I jumped into the unknown again and started Max Value. On my own two feet, free and closer to my mission and vison.”

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